Color combinations in paintings for the house

Energy of colors

It's not a secret that color has strong, invisible energy. It is able to affect the human psyche, bring to mind certain emotions and moods. People have long understood the principle of color harmony and learned to use it.

Clearly, all people feel differently how each color family affects their mood, affect feelings while giving birth to different emotions.

colorful oil painting

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landscape painting abstract

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Colors and feelings

The harmony of color combinations determines the reaction of the viewer to the painting he saw. It may seem warm and cozy, wandering and energetic or dramatic, deep.

Primary colors and complementary colors - the basis of painting! Knowing the properties of the color, you can give any mood to the abstract painting. Each color palette in our subconscious is compared with different elements, sensations, and color psychology. Here are a few examples for better understanding:

  • Yellow - the color of the sun, sense of happiness, coziness, warmth.
  • Orange - energy and festive, also it is associated with happiness.
  • Red - passion, excitement, danger, fire.
  • Dark pink - sunset of the day, excitement.
  • Lilac - night, intrigue, darkness.
  • Blue-lila - the cold of darkness, excitement.
  • Light blue - water, freshness, dreaminess, sky.
  • Bluish-green - water, distance, coolness, serenity.
  • Green - nature, foliage, freshness, tranquility, silence.
  • Yellowish-green - sunlight, foliage, peace, splendor.

original abstract painting

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colorful abstract painting

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The role of dynamic color in the composition is very important: pure shades usually give rise to emotion. Half a tone allows you to muffle the reaction, a change in brightness - cause sadness or discomfort.

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