How to decorate a bedroom with an extra large painting

The extra-large art picture is not just a beautiful image that can decorate your wall. These decor items can reveal your personality and convey a sense of style to your guests. That is why the choice and placement of a painting is a fundamental issue. The wrong selection of colors can disrupt the overall energy of the room.

When choosing a large painting for a bedroom, it is imperative not to forget about the basic rules used by experienced designers:

  • Painting style. When selecting a big picture, you need to take into account the general style of the room. If your bedroom is decorated with classic-style furniture, you should not choose an art made in high-tech or minimalism. The easiest way to pay attention to the classic reproductions of world-famous artists.
  • The location of the painting. If you still opt for an extra-large canvas, select the biggest wall and place the bottom border of the art at eye level.
  • Color. The most important thing to remember when choosing a color is that light tones greatly enhance the overall bedroom space.

Earlier, we have already discussed designers' tips on how to decorate an office with canvas wall art. Make sure to check them now.


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