How to decorate a bedroom with artwork painting

Most often, we wonder how to properly hang artwork painting in the bedroom after the renovation is over. So, maybe it's high time to start decorating the whole house. Of course, if you have one or two pictures in stock, their placement will be quite a simple and straightforward procedure anyone can do. However, what if your bedroom is huge? Or how to decorate a bedroom with artwork painting and still get it right? In this case, there is one simple rule that will help you in this delicate matter, act like a pro.

Let's say you have three large paintings of the same size. If you hang them in a row, then it will instantly make an empty place a vivacious room. An equally exciting example is the placement of paintings in such a way that they form an angle. This is especially suitable for a bedroom where a corner sofa can be placed.

If you hang two paintings back to back above a corner sofa, this is a great way to complete your zoning. This technique is usually used by pro designers. That means you can't go wrong with that, though. We have already reviewed how to decorate an office with artwork original. These rules can be an excellent guide for you on how to make your interior genuinely unique. What's more, some of them can be used for a bedroom as well.

Abstract Painting in Multicolored, Green and White | TROPICAL FLOWER


Oversized Original Painting Gray Painting Abstract Painting Black Contemporary Art Texture Abstract Painting | ICE DRIFT


Abstract Marine Art in Blue, Gray and Gold | STORMY OCEAN

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Updated on Sep 18, 2020 by Alex Vlasenko