How to decorate a bedroom with large art original paintings

For most owners of large apartments and houses, the bedroom seems to be precisely the place that can be decorated with a large number of significant art original paintings. Some owners actually turn this room into a kind of gallery. In fact, the number of paintings is not nearly so vital. The most important thing is to try to combine them into a harmonious and stylish composition that will decorate your bedroom with paintings.

Choosing a place to hang a painting

Before you start hanging large art original paintings on the wall, you need to precisely understand the size of the pictures and the height of the composition. Placing objects too high will make it uncomfortable to look at them every time you enter the bedroom.

Designers advise you to stand in front of where you want to hang the picture and determine the point at the level of your eyes. Then go down a few centimeters and make a mark on the wall. This border should be the bottom point for the painting. We have already covered how to decorate an office with large art canvas paintings. Be sure to consider these tips when decorating your home.


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