How to decorate a bedroom with large original art

One of the most practical and effective ways to decorate your bedroom is to use large original art. The early owners of houses and apartments very often decorated bedrooms with family photographs made in black and white.

To achieve complete harmony in the bedroom, sizeable original art objects should be combined with a single color scheme or frame color. If you hang images of the same size, then such a step can provide maximum harmony to your bedroom. Anyway, try different techniques before hanging the art. This way you can find the best one for your space.

There are many options for the location of large original art, depending on the size and shape of the frame. If you have different sizes of paintings available, then place the largest image in the center of the exposure. You can hang smaller pictures around this image and make the whole decoration look perfect.

Remember that the bedroom is where the day begins and ends. Therefore, do not overload this room with sizeable original art in too dark tones. We have previously published an article on how to decorate an office with modern art. These tips will definitely not hurt you!


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