How to decorate a hallway with canvas abstract art

Works of art written in the abstract style can instantly transform the interior of the entrance. It doesn't matter how many paintings you would not want to hang in the hall. Anyway, to break the harmony or spoil the interior with canvas abstract art is almost impossible. However, a few tips on how to properly hang such pictures will definitely not hurt you.

Eye-level rule

Experienced designers often use a simple technique called the 57" rule. Pictures should be placed at the level of the human gaze. Most often, the height of the hallway painting from the floor is 140-150 cm. If you put the lower part of the canvas at the intended point, then visitors will be able to see the image in the best way. Maybe you didn't know, but paintings in museums are often hung at a height of 152 cm. This is done because people have the opportunity to take a step back into a closer look at canvas abstract art.

If your living room is spacious enough and you have placed a sofa in it, hanging a few pictures with this piece of furniture will be a perfect idea. However, to create a fascinating design, you can limit yourself to one large painting, which will roughly correspond to the sofa's scale. Make sure to check our latest tips on how to decorate a bedroom with artwork painting.

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