How to decorate a living room with large decor

The living room is one of the most critical places in the whole house. If you want to decorate this room and make it more interesting, pay attention to large decor items. Obviously, the simplest option is to hang a group of rectangular or square pieces of art.

Even if you have a painting of a non-standard shape, then placing it in a general composition is an effortless task. In this case, experienced designers advise placing custom-shaped paintings in the center of the living room. Experiment and think outside the box If you want this type of space to look a little different, try experimenting with the size of the art. Suppose the large decor is the centerpiece of an exhibition of paintings. In that case, you can complement it with various art objects and souvenirs.

If you have hung several shelves in the living room, they can be perfectly combined with large decor. Perhaps the shelves will allow you to place the piece of art so as not to spoil the wall decoration with unnecessary holes. At the same time, you can create a stylish composition without much difficulty. We've already covered how to decorate a hallway with large canvas art. You might find these tips useful too!


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