Wall Art Painting For Creative Interior

There is nothing more personal and authentic than the art we select for our interiors. In 2020, we rely on our homes to help us express ourselves and remind us of our strivings and goals in life. Wall art says a lot about us. It can do wonders in conveying our message and setting the desired mood for space. That’s one of the main reasons why it became so popular in recent years. 

wall art painting


Interest for decoration of walls

Nowadays, it’s very popular to have some artworks in offices, homes, etc. Some masterpieces can turn the usual room into an amazing gallery. Having some wall artworks adds your room more expensive look. 

wall art painting


However, the clients often struggle with selecting the perfect grounding pieces for their rooms and that’s where we as interior designers and our mood boards jump in.

If you feel ready to head into a more playful realm, the great news is that the seasons ahead promise bolder art directions. Expressive wall art turns mainstream and becomes one of the most favorite ways to decorate our homes.

We choose vintage and antique gems, but also affordable art prints. They are all created by aspiring illustrators who are finally getting recognized for their work and becoming influential in the digital environment.

wall art painting


Wall art trends for 2020

Line art uses the power of negative space to make a dramatic visual look using only simple black lines on the white background. This approach gives freedom to experiment with interior styles. Inspired by the drawings of Picasso and Matisse, this universal art trend is a dream for every lover of modern and concise interiors.

wall art painting


The art world is absolutely obsessed with the human body, especially females. Celebrating female empowerment, artists turn to women to tell their stories. They give power to strong female leaders, but also romanticize the small, everyday moments of solitude we usually fail to appreciate these days. The color scheme of these paintings is often earthy and retro-inspired.

wall art painting



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Updated on Sep 18, 2020 by Alex Vlasenko