What brushes are used for the oil paintings?

For this type of painting, you need brushes harder, since soft ones are more suitable for watercolor brushes, acrylic, gouache. Thus, for oil, brushes with a pile of columns, bristles, and synthetics will be the best.

The column brush is perhaps the best universal brush for any painting, especially oil painting techniques. Natural hair brushes, moderately obedient and elastic brush, smooth swab - an ideal tool for those who write finely, with thin washes, layer by layer of paint.


types of brushes

Bristles brush - it is made of pork bristles. Pork bristles are also made of paintbrushes, but they are less adapted for drawing. Brushes bristle are suitable for artistic purposes as the hair is soft and holds the shape, it is specially processed (boiled and bleached).


Synthetic bristles are indispensable when painting fabric, wood, or glass. But they are also used in oil painting since it gives a smooth, smooth swab, and small brushes (No. 1-2-3-4) work out the details well.

In oil painting, master artists use 3 types of synthetic brushes:

  • Thin round brushes for working on parts (about a millimeter);
  • Flat dense brushes for smooth broad spikes (1-1.5 cm);
  • Soft fan brush for smoothing grooves.

The brush shapes can be very different. In addition to the popular flat and round, there are also brushes in the form of fan, oval, flute, cat tongue, liners, and drew. To write our works, we use to contour, retouch and sometimes fan brushes.

The nature of the colorful swab directly depends on the shape and size of the hair bundle of the hand, as well as on the quality of the hair of the pile from which it is made.

paintbrush shapes

Using a sufficient variety of brushes, you can create amazing and unique paintings in the technique of Impasto, fat over lean, Alla prima, or in the technique of dry brush.

The brush is just a tool to help reproduce a plot on a canvas or other surface, but the artist's hand always remains the main "host" of this tool!

abstract oil painting

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abstract oil painting

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abstract oil painting

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