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Gold paintings

This collection contains original abstract artworks hand-painted in gold color. Gold means sophistication, elegance, wealth, quality, and status. Also, it’s a color of winners. The warm shining of gold colors on canvas creates a welcoming and relaxing ambiance in the room. Abstract oil painting in gold shades will be perfect for Art Deco, Loft, or Scandinavian interior style. These modern paintings could adorn minimalist placement and rooms that lack light and heat. The acrylic abstractions look good in the living room, hallway, or office.

Thinking of changing your interior completely? Perhaps, you just want to add some design elements to refresh it? Whether you want to include something excellent or give it some zest, golden paintings would be a great match for any case. Be it a single painting or a combination of several paintings, the result is always amazing. However, such charismatic design elements require a thorough attention and taste as well as meticulous work with proportions and color matches.

A specific golden warm glow looks most appropriately in:

  • living room
  • bedroom
  • office
  • hallway

Gold Paintings: Choose your perfect match

You shouldn’t limit yourself with classic shining gold color. In some cases, an old-fashioned gold might look better, and a fair number of styles accept only this particular shade. For example, it is hard to imagine a living room in Boho style without paintings in the color of old gold. But if you want to rarefy the interior, please keep in mind that gold looks great when combined with black & white paintings.

Some people avoid using gold paintings in modern interiors. They think that this color is appropriate for a classic style only. But let us prove you wrong! If you would like to persuade it firsthand, just take a look at the latest collections of the most famous brands. Gold fits all modern styles exceptionally well. It looks especially bright and interesting in laconic and sustained minimalism. Try to match it with white paintings and you will be impressed with the result.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with gold Paintings

In some instances, gold paintings look beautiful even if they are pretty large-sized. A quiet, slightly aged shade of gold can be successfully combined with green paintings in order to make your interior sophisticated, elegant, and relaxing at the same time. Sometimes, people try to match gold paintings with other metal color paintings. We’d recommend you to avoid it. If you want to decorate your living room or any other room with gold paintings, this color should remain the main one. However, don’t hesitate to use your fantasy to make your interior unique and marvelous.

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  • How much does this gold painting cost?
    The price starts at 250$.
  • What is the delivery time of the gold painting?
    We send paintings by Express Delivery DHL and it takes 3–5 days only.
  • Which sizes of gold painting do you want?
    There are 4–6 sizes available for each art shape.
  • Struggle to find gold painting?
    We will help - contact us in a convenient way for you!