living room abstract paintings

The living room is a place where people get together and communicate. Think of warmer tones and calming colors of your acrylic painting. For a room with contemporary furniture, abstract paintings would work best. When choosing an original painting, make sure that the colors harmoniously fit into the color scheme of the room, walls color is particularly important. Deeper and bolder colors will look more welcoming in a living room, contrast colors of hand-painted art will adorn the room with a minimalistic design. 

Paintings are a traditional design element that is used to fill the wall emptiness and add colorful, thematic and stylish nuances to the interior of the living room. Want to pick a perfect painting? First of all, keep in mind that it should match the mood of the interior and reflect the feelings and tastes of the owners. Think twice, especially if you’re looking for a painting for such important places as your living room, dining room or hallway!

What matters? Palette or content?

If the painting matches both parameters, it’s perfect. If the interior of your living room is stylish, you should opt for content even if the color isn’t that ideal. It’s better than a stylish mismatch. If the interior isn’t that thematic or stylish, you should opt for color. There are two ways:

  • You decorate the living room in a neutral palette. Then you pick a painting with one or two bright colors like red or black & white paintings
  • You complete the interior first and then look for the painting in a required color. This is always harder to do.

Three ways of selecting the right painting for the living room

  1. he painting matches the interior palette completely and seems dissolved in it. Oftentimes, when the painting is framed in the interior ideally, it becomes almost invisible - so harmoniously it looks. At the same time, it fulfills its task and fills the wall emptiness. Such painting can play the role of a bridge. For example, if your living room is grey and the furniture is violet, grey paintings with violet splashes will tie main colors.
  2. Basically, the painting matches main colors. But it contains two or more additional colors. It can refresh the interior significantly. If the painting is slightly «out of line», it can be supplemented by the objects of similar colors. If it doesn’t look like a subsequent intrusion, there is no need to take any steps to adapt it to the interior.
  3. Red paintings or paintings of other bright colors can serve as an accent or dominant. Such paintings can be surrounded with the objects of same colors or remain as a single color spot in the interior.

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    The price starts at 250$.
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    We send paintings by Express Delivery DHL and it takes 3–5 days only.
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    There are 4–6 sizes available for each art shape.
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