The best paintings for the interiors of New York 2020

Some people like complete minimalism and spaciousness. For someone, the ideal is a cottage, where the walls are covered with family photographs and paintings. A variety of tastes creates a demand for architects and designers who are in demand in any country.

Needless to say, the popularity of designers in the United States in New York is high. Everyone wants to make his home not to look like the others. The interior design firm in New York is amazing.

abstract interior painting


As most design studios claim, interior designers in New-York love to decorate walls with Fine art or Pop art.

Trending color for the wall art in 2020

This year, the spotlight is on blue. Pantone Color of the Year 2020 is Classic Blue. You can expect to see it is replacing grey in a lot of abstract paintings in houses across the country.

blue abstract interior painting


This version of blue is simple and elegant, but it also has some shine that lifts up the room as well. You should be able to incorporate it easily, either via paint or with accent pieces.

blue abstract interior painting


The most incredible and interesting combination for living rooms and bedrooms would be a mix of blue shades. Some of them have interesting and exquisite names, like Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Teal Blue, Maya Blue. These hues make the house beautiful, cool, and calm.

black and white absctract painting


The classic combination of black and white has been one of the most enduring living room color schemes through the ages. But you can give it a refreshing twist by adding a rich Gold color like many York city interior designers do. These oil paintings on canvas bring a certain flavor to the interior.

The most popular painting among New-Youk citizens and interior designers

abstract painting


The author has depicted the silhouette of one from large skyscrapers in New York. Everyone knows that New York is a city of great opportunities, fashion, and the American dream.

But the artist was skeptical about his artwork because it is just a city and there are many such cities. In the end, everything always depends on the person to whom no one can give any guarantees. This original art was painted in black and white strict shades. It will be an original addition in the cold hues interior of the living room, hallway, or restaurant.

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Black and White Paintings with gold accents

abstract painting

The author of this artwork compared human imagination with wings, that may transport us wherever we want across time and space. The artist found inspiration in this metaphor and started to work intuitively.

The artist depicted dark shape in the mist of grey brushstrokes, that recalls with winged silhouette in the sky. This piece attracts the viewer's attention because of its unique abstract composition. This is a stylish choice for modern interiors.

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Romance as a universal theme

abstract painting


This abstract painting dedicated to an eternal topic of love. The author expressed inspiration, passion, and fears of humans in love in the language of color and form.

A combination of different blue, white, gold brushstrokes makes an impression of huge motion in the inner space of this artwork. This motion symbolizes the groundswell of emotion, that love brings into our life. This piece will look harmonious in bright areas with a modern interior.


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Sunset paintings for expanding the internal space

abstract painting


This abstract painting will adorn any modern interior and transform your home style! The artwork is a perfect choice for the living room, dining room, or hallway.

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