What are the best Painting Ideas for Your Home?

What are the best Painting Ideas for Your Home? If you plan to buy a painting for your home, the first question you should answer is: For what room are you looking a painting? Here we put together all easy painting ideas for you.


If you are the owner of a dark hallway for interior details, we recommend using brown and contrasting yellow, gold and brass colors. Against the background of a light wall covering, various decor, figurative art, acrylic paintings and accent details look more advantageous.

Following these rules you can find the best ideas of abstract art for the hallway using this link:

hallway paintings 

Hallway painting   Hallway painting

Living room

Living room - meeting place in any home. Therefore, it is important for everyone to feel comfortable in the main room. The colors of the canvas painting for this zone shouldn't be sharp, but not faded ( if you want to emphasize the importance of the room).

Our designers has collect the most suitable modern paintings for this room. To check them you can use this link: 

living room paintings

living room paintings   living room paintings


The bedroom is mainly used for relax. This is why we suggest you not to take extraordinary color scheme for this area. You could choose the calm and bright color accents for this painting.

Also, it would be a great idea if you bring your attention on a different types of paintings, such as a new trend - round art! Round painting makes the surrounding space to look more stylish and neat. You can find some ideas with round paintings that were created by our talented artists using this link:

bedroom paintings

bedroom paintings


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Updated on Sep 18, 2020 by Alex Vlasenko