What is landscape painting?

Nature Art

Landscape painting is one of the most loved themes for many abstract artists. Landscape paintings usually capture mountains, bodies of water, fields, valleys, forests, sandy coasts, or rocky shores. 

Landscape artists are inspired by the world around them and, while landscape paintings are principally figurative, there is a growing tradition of abstract landscapes. Artists portray a landscape to capture its magnificent beauty, or to make a statement on the relationship between man and nature.

landscape painting

Large Canvas Art Abstract Landscape Painting Beige Painting Oil Painting | FOREST RIVER

History of Landscape Paintings

Until the 15th century landscape painting was rather a background of portraits or paintings dealing with the historical matter. Landscapes became increasingly explicit in compositions that emerged in Venice in the late 15th century. Giovanni Bellini(Agony in the Garden,1465) was one of the first painters that capture the landscape as an equal part of the dramatic scene. abstract landscape painting

White Painting Blue Painting Abstract Acrylic Painting On Canvas | PIECE OF PARADISE

Later in the 16th century, more and more artists were creating colorful, highly detailed scenic views. Which sets a colorful landscape as a strong main theme in painting. In the 17th century, the French academy classified the five the most important genres of art, giving landscape painting the fourth place.

Since then the popularity of landscape painting started to grow more and more.

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Brown Painting Teal Art Gray Painting Landscape Painting Oil Abstract Painting | RISE OF STRENGTH

From expressionism to abstract painting

Nowadays, landscape painting takes all forms of shape. The painting technique is usually lots of thick layers, layers of paint. Artists use watercolors, oils, acrylics, pastels everything to give that breathtaking effect. Drawing with brush or palette knife.

People from all over the world want to decorate home with fine art, something hand-painted, so natural. Painting on canvas or wall art will make you close to your human nature.

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Abstract Art Tree Canvas Painting Colorful Tree Canvas Artwork Tree Painting On Canvas | FOUR SEASONS

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