Blue abstract paintings

Hand-painted abstract artwork of blue collection can create a cool and clean look at your space. Abstract paintings in blue shades will help to set up a working mood or prepare to meditation session. Hang these original artworks in a room with too much sun or heat to cool it down. If someone in your family is concerned about losing weight - put the blue painting in the dining room, and contemplating it will help reduce his appetite. It is a calming color, great for use in bedrooms and bathrooms. It’s formal enough and balancing, therefore relevant in public spaces, for example, reception areas.

Blue paintings — it’s not about the design and décor. It’s about your sense of beauty and mood. It’s your own aesthetic sensitivity. Whether it is a landscape from the journey chosen for the blue color, still-life or a face on the portrait, such paintings can quickly change the mood in the room. It doesn’t matter how much it costs and how famous its author is if it resonates with you. Designers consider that a blue tone restores mental balance. It calms people down, clears their minds. Apart from that, the blue color has long been considered as a sign of nobility. Here from is the definition of «blue blood», which means a gentle birth.

Blue paintings match with any room

The blue paintings from our collection can be placed literally in any room, including:

  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Children’s room
  • And others

The blue color is associated with coolness and freedom. Designers recommend placing the accessories of this color in the bedroom. Blue paintings help to relax and fall asleep. It’s always better to place such canvases in the South-oriented rooms.

When placed in the living room, a blue painting matches well with white or pastel shades. In this case, the painting should be in light blue tones. Navy paintings are recommended to mix with bright, saturated colors. A turquoise painting with the shades of gold or chocolate can create an ostentatious, luxury interior. Feel free to look at our gold paintings! The union of white and azure is welcome in a large-spaced living room. The light tones add volume and air to such rooms. You can find an appropriate canvas in our white paintings.


Such light shades are good for the children’s room as well. A blue painting above the/ bed helps calm a child down.

Blue paintings in different styles

The harmony of white walls and blue paintings & accessories are the base of the Mediterranean, Empire, and Provence styles. It’s the most frequently used colorway. White-blue watery waste against the background of a clear blue sky is the favorite subject of paintings. So, make sure to check our collections to find the one you will absolutely adore.

281 paintings
  • How much does this blue painting cost?
    The price starts at 250$.
  • What is the delivery time of the blue painting?
    We send paintings by Express Delivery DHL and it takes 3–5 days only.
  • Which sizes of blue painting do you want?
    There are 4–6 sizes available for each art shape.
  • Struggle to find blue painting?
    We will help - contact us in a convenient way for you!