Earth tones paintings

This is a collection of abstract paintings created in various hues of brown combined with complementary colors such as green, beige, terracotta, orange, red, and even light blue. The color palette of such wall art consists of natural, muted colors that generally can be found in life. In fact, these are natural colors, and abstract artworks made with their help convey an atmosphere of warmth and amiability, all those feelings that beautiful nature evokes in us. Paintings of natural tones will look good in similar interiors without violating the overall harmony of the space.

The informal and stylish design of the room can be created with the help of paintings in natural shades of rocks, soil, and minerals. The natural colors of the Earth that surround us in our daily lives look great on a simple brown background. The color of the ceramic pots matches with the warm shades of the color of the wood. Both cold and warm Earth tones can be used in the country style interior.

The wealth of Earth tones paintings

The source of the earth paints is natural pigments that can be found in clay, soil types, rocks, and minerals. They lay all over the ground in varying quantities and quality. This tonal range includes the following colors:

  • Terracotta
  • Brown-chestnut
  • Amber

All colors match each other. A pure brown is in the center of this color range. It has numerous shades – yellowish, reddish, greenish, dark orange, brick red, khaki, mustard brown. Plush shades of cream and beige colors as well as the tone of coal and soot – and you will realize how many paintings can be created in the Earth tones. These paintings are an integral part of many cultures. They can be found in the Roman mural painting, in Celtic ceramic, etc. You will be impressed with our brown paintings!

Revive our interior with earth tones paintings

The natural green of cypresses and the turquoise of the heavens match well with the red-bronze soil of Tuscany. Britain’s gentle, light blue skies are in harmony with the Devonian pink soil. Place the painting with a prevailing amber color in a wide lobby. Then balance it with smaller pictures of the wood color. The orange and olive green paintings will curb into the general interior decorated in the Earth tones.

Play with contrasts by matching colors. If your kitchen is light yellow, feel free to decorate it with a bright green painting. Dim tones of dry leaves, seeds, pods, and fruits allow the different texture of the objects to become the main element of the composition, which stands out against the light brown background of your living room. It’s quite interesting to use indigo. It’s well-combined with dark-orange and reddish-brown. So, use navy paintings for mutual assent. You can also make a dark corner lighter by placing amber or light blue paintings there.

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    The price starts at 250$.
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    We send paintings by Express Delivery DHL and it takes 3–5 days only.
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    There are 4–6 sizes available for each art shape.
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