Here you can find original abstract hand-painted artworks that contain shades of navy color. It has a strong association with all things noble and nautical. Navy creates a confident and powerful vibe with the addition of warmth and depth for the modern artwork. Abstract oil painting in shades of the navy color will look perfect in the office or library, in the living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway. It will suit well for both contemporary and traditional interiors.

While at the seaside, we look at the water and the sky. We breathe in the sea air and relax. Navy paintings have the same effect. Most modern interiors are designed in light and neutral colors. Don’t hesitate to decorate them with the paintings of different shades of navy color. The magic of navy paintings is in their closeness to nature and elements. So, let some magic come into your house by adding one or several paintings and you will be surprised with a positive effect!

Feel free to use navy paintings in the interior

Navy is a very calm and noble color. The term ‘blue blood’ means high blood. This color creates an atmosphere of peace and relaxation in the interior. Paintings of this color remind of such elements as sea and sky. By matching them with white paintings, you can create the illusion of the open space and visually expand the room by adding «air» to it. These paintings are a good choice for the following rooms:

  • Living room
  • Guest room
  • Kids room
  • Library
  • Office
  • Hallway
  • Bedroom
  • And others

Navy paintings in contemporary interiors

Nowadays, navy paintings have become quite popular. As most interiors are made in white, grey, and beige colors, such paintings bring nautical spirit with them. The rooms start looking fresher and brighter. You can try to combine them with the paintings of other colors. For example, a navy painting can bring very interesting effect when mixed with brown paintings. They bring softness to interiors and prevent them from looking ‘cold’.

Navy paintings are a perfect fit for the rooms designed in the Nautical, Mediterranean, and Provence styles. They are good for bedrooms as they create a comfortable and relaxing environment. Such paintings make a bedroom fresh and airy. So, don’t hesitate to opt for bedroom paintings in a navy color!

This color is a universal one. It’s good for large-sized paintings as well as for small ones. Due to great compatibility with other colors, these paintings have become a must-have element in high-tech, art deco, loft, country, and other popular interior designs. So, use them to create your own unique interior!