How To Choose Paintings For Living Room

If you want to decorate your room, but do not know how best to do it, we recommend that you turn your attention to such a decor item as a living room painting. The choice of painting on the wall in the living room should be approached very carefully because it is in the living room that you meet your friends and loved ones, gather with the whole family and spend the holidays. Today we want to tell you how to choose a painting for the living room interior.

Rules For The Selection Of Artistic Images

Paintings for the living room make even a dark room brighter and more visually attractive. They maintain harmony and proportions among the furnishings and overall decoration of the space. Decorators note a number of significant points when choosing and using paintings in the design of a room:

  • Artworks of different styles randomly hung on the walls can bring disharmony into the interior and the undesirable effect of a lack of aesthetic taste.
  • An interior art exhibition involves the placement on one wall works in the same style or a single theme.
  • Paintings are placed on light dim surfaces without a pattern (whether it is a wallpaper, plaster, or painting) so as not to distract attention from the semantic design of the walls.

The choice of paintings in the living room is influenced by the dimensions of the living room; area and wall decoration; style solution of the room; parameters of furniture and its colors; compatibility with interior details.

Selection by color scheme

Choosing the color scheme of the home "gallery" you need to take into account the color scheme of the room furnishings, as well as the color of curtains, walls, floor, and ceiling. The wall on which the paintings will be located will become their background. You can choose canvases or photos made in the same color with the wall, framed by a baguette in a contrasting color, or, on the contrary, play in contrast, emphasizing the muted shade of the background with bright colors in the paintings. If the walls in the living room are decorated in bright colors, you should not use images made in light colors for decoration, as the background will visually "crush" the pictures. You should try to match the baguette to match the color of the wooden furniture parts.

Style of paintings

In addition to size, colors, and frames, you should carefully choose in which style the painting will be. Let's take a closer look at the main options.


If your living room is made in the style of minimalism, then there may be one picture – quite large, hanging in the center of an empty main wall or above the sofa. It can be cubism from classical painting, something in the style of Kazimir Malevich (who, by the way, in addition to the "Black Square" has many similar unusual images with bright and large geometric shapes). Also, abstraction is suitable, but something very restrained, in two or three colors without gradients, for example, a bright spot on a white background. If you choose minimalism, then you will love bright abstractions or stylish modular options.

For minimalism, photographs are perfect (necessarily black and white and also in the style of minimalism, simple and without small details), simple posters with clear, short inscriptions, and quotes.

Classic style

You need a huge picture in a chic golden frame, florid and pretentious. The picture can be a large-scale panoramic landscape – the sea with ships, a field or forest, palace scenes. A classic portrait of a royal family or a poet, for example, will look very beautiful. In a word, reproductions of classical artists are just that. In order for the image to fit into the interior in the classical style or in the modern style, it is also worth choosing a suitable frame.


Black and white or color photographs in frames are suitable for a loft-style living room, but they must be beautifully placed on the wall so that the composition looks harmonious. You can frame them with a white garland or light bulbs, which always look great in a loft-style against a background of brick walls. Colored paintings will attract attention and become bright and original interior decoration. Posters, maps, and Cubist portraits are also ideal for a loft.

Scandinavian style

The living room in the Scandinavian style should "breathe" and be spacious, airy, light. Painting in such a room should be simple and unobtrusive, for example, a modular composition with delicate colors. Tapestries with images of birds, animals, plants, bouquets, leaves will do. Everything should be simple and modest, elegant, and without pretentiousness. Landscapes, also simple and charming, in light, gentle colors, are also suitable. Paintings with images of animals or birds will decorate the living room with a light interior and wooden furniture.

How to Choose The Perfect Painting Size For The Living Room Interior

The principles of visual perception of space suggest:

  • Large paintings conceal a small space, small images in a spacious room are "lost".
  • The gallery on the wall becomes an attractive artistic "spot" and is able to fulfill the role of semantic zoning of the living room.
  • The height of the room will visually increase with the help of a large vertical canvas.
  • The horizontal arrangement of a large image will create the effect of increasing spatial frames across the width of the area.
  • Medium-sized square paintings do not visually change the geometry of the living room
  • A large canvas or several large images above a fireplace or sofa visually reduce the volume of these interior items.

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