Oil painting advantages and techniques

Oil painting is one of the most mysterious and magical techniques that fascinates at first sight. It is not in vain that such great creators as Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Dali, Michelangelo, and many others whose works and names went down in history.

Benefits of oil painting:

  • Oil-painted canvases look expensive because of the amount of paint, so they are more valued than others.
  • Oil paints have a very long drying time as being painted wet on wet, but this is their advantage. Due to this, at any time it is possible to make corrections, eliminate errors, and even demolish entire pieces of work with mastichin. Since the wet paint is easily removed with thin washes from the web and then coated.
  • When dried, oil paints do not change their color, remaining saturated and deep.

Methods of applying oil paint

The lessening technique involves working with thin light and dark layers, transparent paints. When two colors can be seen at once, while the paint is usually diluted with a solvent.

lessening oil painting

Large Monkey Painting On Canvas Monkey In Headphones Oil Painting Abstract | YOUR VIBE

In the art of sgraffito, two or more layers of paint are applied, then cleaned to obtain an even clearer texture or contours.

The impasto technique involves applying rough swabs on the canvas with palette knife or bristle brushes, which gives the paintings expression, energy, and incredible drama.

impasto oil painting

Large Koi Fish Abstract Painting Original Koi Fish Artwork | FISHY POND

impasto oil art

impasto oil painting

Ballerina Painting Abstract Painting Dancer Impasto Painting Colorful Wall Art | BALLERINA GENET

Finally, the technique of a la prima allows you to do the work raw, in one session, which is ideal for beginners. Since you do not need to wait for months until the entire canvas or layer of paint dries, but you can immediately see the finished result.

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