What exactly round painting is?

Round art has existed for centuries. Examples of round art can be seen in Greek Antiquity. There were varieties of it (round-shaped painting or sculptures). It has also been used as a design element in architecture since the Renaissance and played an important role.

Favoured by Raphael for Madonna paintings, round artworks have been created by artists since Greek antiquity when they were used to decorate vases and the bottom of wine glasses. Since then it has been less common.

Round painting was revived in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in Italy. The round paintings in the centre of painted vases of that period are known as tondi.

A Tondo is a special area of art. It comes from Italian “rotondo” that means round. This style appeared in Italy and named “desco da parto” (it is a birth tray or birth salver). It was very important on the occasion of the successful birth in Early Modern Florence.

However, the term "tondo" is used for paintings and sculpture over 60 cm in diameter in English art.

Nowdays, there are a thousand varieties of round artwork that includes flowers, vinyl records, wood prints, posters, greeting cards, round canvas and even more. Round art is getting more popular.

Round Painting

The popularity of it seems to have lead many artists and our artists from Trend Gallery are not an exception. They created their own awesome round paintings:

Abstract Painting Original Large Turquoise Painting Beige Painting | FLOWER LAKE

Abstract Original Painting On Canvas Beige Abstract Painting Gold Painting Texture Art | STORM LIGHTNING

 If you are looking for a new challenge in your interior, you should definitely consider round wall art. It includes not only round paintings but also round wooden signs, discs etc.

Most of artists use round painting panels to create masterpiece (for example, DaVinci Artist Supply). Sometimes, nothing beats the bare basis and it is amazing that some simple thing can open up endless artistic possibilities. However, you’ll definitely know the how as soon as you get the round painting.

Round painting can be a really good hobby. For start up you can use painting panels. Acrylic Painting would look great on it.

You can also check out our round artwork and find the one you like!

Don't Be a Square

A round format will add an interesting compositional element to your house. If you wish to hang it on the wall you can get it framed. Instead of square format, round painting let you to make your home reflect who you are. 

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