What is figurative painting? Best figurative paintings

Many of us, who faced with modern art heard of Figurative art style. Figurative means art, which is a painting with elements of the human figure or animals.

Abstract and figurative art are opposite in relation to each other. Abstract painting rejects the image of reality, but for figurative sense of art, on the contrary, the real world, this is the starting point for creativity. Figurative language is a vague and rather general concept of realistic art.

In figurative art, unlike other genres, this is emphasized especially strongly with the help of various techniques, for example, bright colors, bizarre and elaborate grotesque forms, clear contrasts and so on. That's why it sometimes recalls with Pop art.

The idea that man is the main subject of art belongs to R. B. Kitaj and is characteristic of artists of the London School. 

As for other figurative painters, the most popular Lucian Freud, Alice Neel, Alex Katz, Gerhard Richter and countless others.While for much of the 20th century figurative painting was largely ignored by the Western avant-garde, the course changed with the 1980s emergence of figurative painters like Anselm Kiefer, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and David Salle; this renewed interest in turn shed light on figurative painters who had long been working in the same vein.

Today, painters like John Currin, Kehinde Wiley, Jenny Saville, and Elizabeth Peyton represent the various approaches to figurative work. 

Nowadays, many interior designers choose Figurative style paintings for decoration living rooms, office space, hotels and restaurants. This kind of paintings will adorn any modern interior and transform your home style!

For example, Moon Diva painting created by KHUDYAKOVA ANASTASIA. It was dedicated to symbols of men and women in their own outer space to convey the inner impulses and light of human heart. Calm colors, dynamic stripes and lines make the painting deep and full of inner sense.

We invite you take your look on some figurative artworks of Trend Gallery team artists.

Figurative art

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