What Kind Of Paintings Look Good In an Office

The office is our second home. Here we spend all our working days. Therefore, we want the environment of the workplace to be comfortable, cozy, and set up for a working mood. Often, people decorate their working place with paintings. Such decoration will add personality to the workplace and become a reason for pride in front of colleagues.

What Plot to Choose to Decorate The Office

When choosing a painting for the workplace, your preferences will be the best advisor. The most important thing is to choose the picture you like. However, not all scenes are suitable for the office. It is believed that the image in the picture can be not only decoration but also bring positive energy into working life. Feng Shui teachings mainly tell about the influence of paintings on our life.

So a picture of water will bring good luck to your work. The sea, river, or lake can be depicted so beautifully that the picture will give aesthetic pleasure. You can't hang a picture with a waterfall in your house, but in the office, it will bring good luck in business. Since boats and ships are closely associated with water, they also symbolize material well-being. This sign dates back to ancient times when merchants transported their goods on sailing ships. The ship entering the port was perceived as a storehouse full of treasures. It is desirable that in the picture the painted ship looks in front of the viewer and, as it were, swam into the office. Then it will bring treasures in the form of success in business.

Plots about harvesting and reaping symbolize profit. It is believed that you need to work while the crop is ripe, and when ripe, it will bear generous fruits. A rich harvest in the picture is a fruitful work in the office, which ends in a good profit.

The eagle is a powerful talisman of success. Eagle paintings often have a landscape in the background. Such a picture is beautiful and pleasant, does not cause negative emotions.

Feng Shui teachings recommend hanging in the office a picture of your dreams, which means financial well-being. It could be a car, an expensive yacht, or jewelry. Let your dream influence your goal. Let the picture say: "The goal is close, you need to work a little more and everything will come true." And do not forget to change the picture when the goal is achieved and the dream comes true.

How to Decorate Your Office With Paintings

There are several win-win options that we are ready to share with you:

  1. Old maps on the wall – one of the best options for office decoration.
  2. Reproductions by old masters. Canvases by great artists, especially the impressionists, look good in classic and non-ultramodern office interiors. For their decoration, beautiful, but not flashy frames are usually chosen to complement the significance of the work.
  3. Abstract paintings for the office. This style suits well because it does not force you to peer into details, but serves only as a decorative element.
  4. Modular picture in the head office. If it is in a modern style, then a multi-panel made up of urban photographs will look good on a long wall. There are a lot of such photos and modules in online stores.
  5. Motivational posters. Simple phrases, beautifully composed of stylish backgrounds look great.

Tips For Placing Office Paintings

  1. Create a comfortable environment. Strict, uncomfortable rooms invariably cause discomfort. "Not at ease" - literally this is how you can describe the state of a person who crossed the threshold of such a room. So you have to wait for the end of the working day in order to escape from the chilling emotions. Sketches depicting homemade cakes, coffee, and beautifully served tables will help smooth the effect. They remind you of home, make you relax, work productively, and treat your colleagues with sympathy.
  2. Emphasize the business nature. Office interior paintings can be the final element in creating the image of your business. Selling tour packages? Decorate your room with Mediterranean landscapes such as Paris, Venice, or Moscow. Business target audience are women? Choose pictures with flowers, dancing girls, and autumn sketches. You can choose a suitable plot for any business.
  3. Set your mind on work. Color has a huge impact on our performance. Canvases in light colors with small accents of red, yellow, and orange provoke a surge of activity and creativity. The main thing is not to overdo it with strong colors. Otherwise, irritability will appear instead of ready-made reports. For those whose activities are related to the constant idea development, brainstorming, canvases in shades of green and blue will help. They will calm down after heated discussion and disagreement.
  4. Show good taste to your customers. People think in stereotypes. If you are versed in art, then you are smart, educated and you can be trusted. Reproductions of famous paintings will help create a credit of trust.

Office paintings are not easy decor items. They affect our productivity, our willingness to come up with fresh ideas, and our inclination to trust. This is worth considering if you are aiming to reach certain heights in your niche.

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