What Paintings Are Suitable For a Living Room?

Even the most modern and thoughtful interior will not look completely harmonious without wall decor. Beautiful apartment renovation, expensive furniture, quality textiles, figurines – all this creates the basis of the living room. But if the walls remain bare, even in the most beautiful interior you will feel uncomfortable. So, in addition to furniture and decor, it is important to select paintings in the living room to achieve maximum unity of style and harmony.

Features of Living Room Paintings

You do not need to be an art critic and well versed in painting to choose the right picture for the living room. It is enough just to have a minimal sense of taste and see if a piece of art is suitable for your interior. And the rest is a matter of personal preference! Now you can find an option for any style that will look organically in the room interior.

Here are the main features that you should pay attention to when choosing a painting:

  • Living room paintings should not be “screaming” and knocked out of the interior. If you have a room in soft cream colors, light plain wallpapers and furniture of the same color, and you hang a bright, colorful canvas on the wall, it will annoy and look like a horse of another color.
  • A painting size is important. For a large room with high ceilings and a spacious, minimalist style of interior, you’d better to purchase a large picture. If the room is small and cozy, or it has a lot of decor and details, for example, in the style of Provence, it is better to hang small pictures in cute frames.
  • The frame is part of the canvas and it is also the subject of decor. So the frame should clearly match the style of the interior.
  • You should also properly position the piece of art on the wall. Often people hang pictures on the wall in a living room directly above the sofa, this is almost always a coup. But you can also hang it above the fireplace, near the front door or on other walls where there is a place.
  • The painting content is also very important. It should evoke extremely positive emotions, put a smile on your face and calm the nerves. Psychologists say the image is very important for the psyche and even the residents’ health, so avoid gloomy, aggressive or disturbing motives and rough shades on the canvas.

Types of Paintings In The Living Room Interior

In general, any paintings are suitable for decorating a living room: long and narrow, huge in luxurious frames, old photographs and stylish posters, motivating posters and world maps... It depends on your taste and personal preferences. The easiest way is to determine what style your interior is in and look for a painting in this style. For example, if your interior is classic, you need a luxurious picture, in a chic heavy frame, with a classic plot. If minimalism is your choice, you can hang an abstract painting, or maybe even a poster with diagrams or inscriptions. Loft? Definitely black and white photographs or motivating posters with inscriptions may suit your interior. There are paintings in different price categories, which means that everyone can find something to their liking and not exceeding the budget.

Let us consider in more detail which paintings for living rooms are now in fashion and figure out how to choose them wisely.

Modular Paintings

These are very beautiful compositions that are composed of several parts. Imagine that you took a big picture and divided it into pieces, and such "pieces" were placed on the wall above the sofa. Such a modular composition looks very beautiful. The modular picture literally pushes the boundaries of what is permitted in design.

A modular picture can contain a single image, divided into fragments, or a selection of individual pictures, but they make up a single ensemble and look very harmoniously together, like flowers in a single bouquet. A modular ensemble can have two, three or even a dozen paintings, there are many variants. This option looks advantageous in a living room decorated in a modern style.

For a standard living room, the best solution is to place three modular paintings, this is a win-win option. Placing such a composition will not require too much space, but it will look very stylish and visually expand the space.

Framed Paintings

A framed canvas can decorate the most luxurious and stylish room and literally transform it beyond recognition. If you have a luxurious living room in classic, baroque or neoclassic, you can hang a painting in luxurious gilded frames in the form of rich stucco molding. Select an appropriate plot – a reproduction of famous portrait artists or a beautiful landscape.

If the interior is simpler and more modern, the selection of a frame for paintings should be more thorough. Here it is impossible to place the painting in a heavy artsy frame, but without a frame it will be bare. If you have English or Scandinavian style, a simple wooden frame is suitable, and for more modern types such as a loft or high-tech, you can choose a thin and light metal frame. Frames are usually used for portraits, landscapes, and other artistic styles.

Posters and Photos

Contemporary art can reflect your taste and make the room very stylish and original. Fortunately, picking up a photo, picture or poster is not a problem, the choice is extensive. It is a great way to decorate your home with beautiful, original images at an affordable price.

The first and most important rule is restraint. If there are a lot of posters, you will feel a mess, the interior will look cheaper, and the room will be more like a teenage bedroom. Posters and photographs fit the modern style, minimalism, and hi-tech.

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Updated on Sep 18, 2020 by Alex Vlasenko