Abstract paintings (expressionism)-the greatest artist

Russian-born painter Wassily Kandinsky is credited as a leader in geometric abstraction art. He was recognized as one of the famous artists that were able to create a pure abstract paintings. In the early 20th century, with his abstract forms, bold colors and colorful shapes he was a revolutionary. (the most famous work “Composition VII”)

Abstract expressionism itself this term applied for new forms of abstract art. It presented by great painters such as Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko,Henri Matisse, Kazimir Malevich and Willem de Kooning. It is often represent by brush strokes or dash-making and spontaneous expressions.

 But Kandinsky not only painted, but taught other artists to think outside the box. Many artists all around the world create art admiring and inspiring by his paintings and written works to this day. Impressed with his works our artists were able to take the inspiration for the paintings in the Wassily Kandinsky style.

Please, check out the original paintings that were created by talented abstract artists from our TrendGallery team.

abstract painting     lafge abstract wall art

Abstract Painting Large SUMMER EUPHORIA

Abstract Art in Bright Rainbow Colors LOVE IS ALWAYS WIN

Colorful Painting Modern Painting Canvas | COLORFUL MOOD

Extra Large Fine Art Abstract Wall PEAK LADY

Face Abstract Art Painting INTUITION

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