Hanging pictures is nowhere near that simple

Hanging pictures is nowhere near that simple

If you keep a collection of two oversized arts of the same shape, then a flat settlement is better. In this case, you can create the visual effect of width and significantly increase the room. What’s more, you need the upper parts of the outlines to coincide with each other.

If you decide to proceed with upright, then you can create a feeling of visual height. This technique is excellent for rooms with a low ceiling. This allows you to expand the visual boundaries of the room with green paintings.

Suppose you have paintings made in different sizes. In that case, it is recommended to place large pieces on the upper border so that the small parts are underneath. You will need to align the overall composition with the top horizontal row.

Create your own gallery

One of the most effective ways to display large pieces of art is to create a home gallery. Even if each picture is made in different sizes, this does not tilt the balance at all. The most significant thing is that the painting should have a common theme or a similar color scheme. When hanging grey paintings, the biggest art should be arranged on the left side.

Fascinating features of inclined and offset arrangements

Large works of art that are arranged at an angle are rare. This mainly concerns the decoration of the wall, which is next to the stairs. The image is hung at the same angle as the steps of the stairs.

Not less attractive from a visual point of view is the placement of navy paintings with an offset. In this case, two images of the same size are positioned transversely, rather than vertically or horizontally, relative to each other. A composition like this can create a relaxed look and instantly decorate any room.

Hanging pictures depending on the size of the wall and furniture

A large piece of art requires a lot of wall space. Moreover, the picture should not be surrounded by other objects to create a feeling of tightness. If your collection contains paintings of different sizes, then the large art is better to hang on sizeable walls where there is enough space to view them from different angles. Small red paintings can be placed between windows or doors.

There are several vital tips to keep in mind if you want to put a big art over a sofa. The bottom of the outline should be well above the furniture. Meanwhile, the structure of the art should take up two-thirds of the sofa or table's width. So that you can better imagine such an arrangement, let's look at it with an example. If the sofa is 3 meters wide, then the white paintings should be located 2 m above the upper border of the back of the couch.

Use quality mounts and tools

If it involves an oversized painting, you need to make sure that it does not fall after hanging. Using plastic bracings is far from the best choice when it comes to big paintings.

The best option would be to use metal anchors. Also, pay attention to the material the wall is made of. Then select those screws that are suitable for drywall, wood, or concrete.

If the picture is huge, then the most relevant would be double mounts on both sides of the frame. Unlike a single center mount, this option will be more reliable. This way, you will avoid a situation where the slightest touch of the bedroom paintings will lead to the work hanging down or moving it from side to side.

Take care of the wall protection

Once you've measured your artwork and determined where the center of the image will be, it's time to hang the painting on the wall. However, even if the picture will be hanging in a static position, you need to protect the wall paint from scratches and scuffs.

One of the most effective and, at the same time, simple techniques that designers use is to stick small pieces of masking tape on the corners of the frame from the inside. This way, the black & white paintings will not be in contact with the wall.

Avoid water pipes and wiring

Before you start hanging large paintings, it is vital to think about the structure of your home's walls. If you place a large picture on a plaster wall, you will need more mounts for the piece of art to be securely fixed. The proof is in the pudding. Better to be careful and use more bindings for blue paintings than required.

However, before you drill into the wall, make sure you understand precisely where the power line or water pipes are. If you do not have a detailed layout of the apartment, you can resort to a little trick. In most modern homes, wires and pipes run along the edges of the walls. Therefore, be especially attentive to the boundaries of the blank wall.

However, things can look completely different in old houses. If you do not know exactly where the corresponding engineering structures are located, then it is better to use the help of professionals.

Choose the shape wisely

If you plan to hang a large piece of art above a fireplace, you need to make sure the frame can withstand the appropriate exposure to heat and light. Some elements of large paintings also contain glass. Therefore, you need to be especially careful when hanging such brown paintings over a heat source.

Modern designers use different coatings to minimize the effect of heat on the artwork and avoid color fading. Also, take a look at the tips from experienced designers, which we published in the article "what paintings in the master bedroom."

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