How to decorate a hallway with large canvas art

The simplest solution to decorate the hall is to hang one big picture. However, when it comes to a series of large-sized images, the situation is somewhat more complicated. If you strive to get an effective result with minimal effort, pay attention to such a technique as the symmetrical hanging of pictures. It’s not as complicated as it sounds anyway. What’s more, you can ask a professional designer to show you some examples of this technique or just check it online.

Decorating a living room with painting with a rectangular or square shape is an effortless task. Even novice designers can harmoniously arrange such a composition in the blink of an eye. The most important rule is to place such pictures in the same row and at the same distance. The more arts you can put in a row, the more stylish space will look. Such compositions seem incredibly smart and complement the hallway space.

By the way, some you can check some more tips from professional designers. We previously published an article on how to decorate a bedroom with large art original paintings. Consider these recommendations to make everything right.


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