How to decorate a hallway with large painting

How to decorate a hallway with large painting

Perhaps the hall is one of the most unrated spaces in the home in terms of design. However, modern designers often draw the attention of homeowners because this particular room is the first space that introduces guests to your home. What’s more, this is the first space you enter after opening doors.

According to many experts, the easiest and most original way to decorate a hallway is to use large painting art. You can choose a picture or pattern that will be in harmony with the color of the walls and create the right mood for visitors. Anyway, large arts make the space look really stylish and stunning. Actually, the more significant is the image, the more spacious your hall will look.

However, try not to overwhelm the hallway with too bright colors to contrast with the muted shades of the walls. It is best for a wide painting to have something in common in its design with the room itself and, at the same time, not violate the overall harmony. Either way, using large pieces of art is one of the easiest ways to make effective interior changes.

Earlier, we explored the intricacies of how to decorate an office with modern art. These tips can be beneficial when decorating an apartment or house.


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Updated on Oct 5, 2020 by Alex Vlasenko