How to decorate a living room with canvas art large

One of the main problems that owners of spacious apartments face is how to thoughtfully decorate a living room with canvas art large. It's not gonna fly just to place pictures above the sofa. In this case, many designers advise creating a kind of gallery so that you can fully demonstrate the existing collection of canvas art large paintings.

First of all, you need to find a suitable place. The best option will be if you choose a well-lit wall that is not yet occupied. Perhaps, it makes sense to install additional lighting so visitors can draw precise attention to the paintings that you want to hang. One way or another, if your collection is placed in the style of a gallery, it will definitely attract the special attention of guests, and you will definitely be proud of it.

The frames of the paintings don't need to be in the same style. However, try composing the canvas art large image relative to color, size, or shape. If you are wondering where to read more tips on decorating the house, check out the previous article on how to decorate a hallway with canvas abstract art. Don't pass by as these recommendations were given by pro designers who have considerable experience decorating apartments.


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