How to decorate a living room with oil canvas painting

Suppose you want to diversify the usual bedroom interior. In that case, oil canvas painting can be one of the most effective options. Don't be afraid to experiment. Try to dilute the classic interior with oil canvas paintings made in various styles. Even if you use reproductions of famous artists, it can only play into your hands. Be sure to attach pictures to the wall to choose the most optimal location and height.

Avoid the most common mistake that mostly every beginner can face

Perhaps the most general fallacy that modern designers have noticed is the placement of paintings too high. Before hammering a nail into the wall, ask someone to help and hold the picture. Move back an appropriate distance and select the desired height. Please note that the living room painting should always be at eye level. Therefore, it is far from necessary to hang it on the wall. You can put the oil canvas painting on the dresser or on the floor by leaning it against the wall. We have already studied the features of how to decorate a hallway with nature painting. Perhaps these recommendations will help you take a fresh look at decorating your home. Check the tips provided by experienced designers to make everything look perfect.


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