Why oil painting is so popular?

Oil painting is one of the most valuable and popular kinds of art.

People from all over the world want to beautify their houses with oil artworks. The reason is that oil paintings are considered to develop high status to the owner of such art. They show your fashionable modern taste.

oil painting

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The vibrant power of oils

What is so interesting about oils is the way they look so vibrant. Oil paints unlike acrylic have more pigment in them, allowing more vivid and reach colors.

Oil paintings are valued more than other paintings. Even after a hundred years, the picture painted with oils will not lose its value and attractiveness. This is probably the most important thing for many art lovers.

oil painting

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The process of oil art creation

Methods of application differ from artist to artist. Oil paint can be applied to the base of your choice with almost any implement including a brush, a palette knife, a cloth. The variety of brushes is impressive also: red sable, weasel hair, ox-hair, as well as a range of synthetic brushes. The support is usually canvas, board, panel, or prepared paper.

Traditional oil painters generally started with charcoal or chalk drawings over which they built up the paint in layers, that way they ensure that each layer applied contained a little more oil than the last in order to facilitate drying and prevent flaking.

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