Best gold painting ideas for interior wall art

If you want to bring a sense of sophistication to the interior, you should look through variety of paintings with golden accents.

Designers from all over the world use gold in combination with different styles for living rooms, hallways, hotels and restaurants. Gold color and gilding exclusively with luxury, wealth and even some pretentiousness. It seems that the shine of this metal will be appropriate only in medieval or, at most, classical interiors; in extreme cases – in Moroccan or colonial. But if you think more broadly, it becomes clear that gilding can also bring special warmth and comfort to the interior, and to be present in modern design.

Gold has held a position of status and awe since the beginning of human civilization, and the metal’s influence on history is unparalleled. It has inspired wars, provided wealth, and shaped the course of human history.

Nowaday, painters often use golden leaf during  creation of their masterpieces.Gold leaf is gold that has been hammered into thin sheets by goldbeating and is often used for gilding. Gold leaf is available in a wide variety of karats and shades. The most commonly used gold is 22-karat yellow gold. Gold leaf is a type of metal leaf, but the term is rarely used when referring to gold leaf.

Perfect for Small Spaces

The perception with gold accents and gold-leafing is that it is best suited for palatial homes that can afford the excess. But it is the really compact spaces that benefit from the additions of gold the most. Adding a glossy and polished golden accessory, décor item or even wall trimming, adds a beautiful reflective surface to the room. This not only makes it appear light, fresh and airy, but also automatically creates more visual space. A better choice would be to give your mirror or picture frame a golden glint. 




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Updated on Sep 18, 2020 by Alex Vlasenko